Louis is looking for his forever home.

Louis is a small to medium, highly intelligent, two-year-oldbrown terrier who was unlucky in his original placement. He is neutered, obedient, house-trained and very much a people dog, watching faces for cues as to how you want him to behave. He is an excellent traveller (recently from Scotland to the South of England without so much as a whine) and loves to explore the garden, although as he is a typical terrier, he may not be keen on it being shared by cats or squirrels.

On walks, Louis tends to be scared of other dogs, possibly because he has been attacked in the past, and so barks at them in self-defence. However, he is sharing his foster home successfully with two other terriers, so this behaviour may well cease as his confidence grows. Because of an old injury in one of his back knees, Louis doesn’t need long walks but he is very good at jumping onto the sofa for a cuddle in the evening.

Louis would be an excellent and rewarding pet for a retired person or couple who are looking for a faithful companion with an endearing propensity to carefully stash his treats in his bed for later enjoyment.   Louis is currently in foster in the UK and he was born on 20th November 2016

If you think you can offer Louis his forever home, please contact abldr.kim@gmail.com or abldr.gill@gmail.com in the first instance.

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