One day we got a phone call that there was a dog with a broken leg in a company’s courtyard in the city.  One of our volunteers went there and found Marco, this beautiful and very gentle dog. He travelled really well in the car back to the shelter. An X-Ray showed that the trauma to the leg was old and the bone was not broken but there was a ligament problem and he was unable to walk on it. He received treatment, for a number of weeks but no improvement could be seen and the vet realised that blood was not circulating through the foot. The risk of gangrene was high so sadly the only solution was amputation. 

During this time Marco was extraordinarily well behaved, calm and docile, when visiting the vets,  travelling quietly in the car every time he had to visit the clinic.   Throughout all the trauma in his life, Marco has remained gentle and loving to people and good with other dogs.  If you can offer your home to this handsome boy please get in touch.


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Additional information

Date of birth


Size of dog

Large (18.5 – 32 kg)





Dog location

Ineu, Romania

Dog friendly


Cat friendly

Can be cat tested


All potential adopters will have to undergo a screening and home check process. This can take between 1-10 days dependant on available volunteers to perform your home check. All volunteers for ABLDR are unpaid and do this in their spare time whilst also holding down regular daytime jobs. Please be patient whilst we complete these checks. They are set to protect not only the dog but also you, the adopter, from adopting the wrong dog for your family. If you wish to adopt one of our lovely dogs please fill in an Adoption Application and our dog co-ordinator will be in contact with you very shortly to discuss your request. We aim to contact all new adoption applications within 24 hours and certainly within 48 hours.