How do I apply to adopt one of your dogs?

It's very simple. You click on this link Adoption Application, fill out the form and one of our coordinators will get in contact with you within 24 hours.

Will I have to go through being Home checked?

The answer to this is unequivocally YES. No one is exempt from this, not even volunteers of the rescue. 

Do you re-home to people living in flats?

All applications are taken on their own merit. Whilst the answer may be no for some people, it may be yes for others. Factors including working hours, age and type of dog and previous experience are all taken into account.

Do you re-home to families with children?

ABLDR only rehome to families with children over 8 years old, however our sister charity will rehome puppies to families where the children are over 2 years old, depending on their current circumstances.

How much does it cost to adopt a dog?

The minimum donation for one of our dogs is £300. This covers Microchipping, Vaccinations, Worming, Flea Treatment, Neutering(If old enough), Passport and transport to Essex Kennels. Additional onward transport is charged per mile by an internal transport company.