Every year thousands of stray dogs in Romania are killed, captured and beaten or just left to starve to death.

Take for instance Sky. She was found living under a haystack in a field along with her other siblings and mother. Our volunteer in Romania managed to catch Sky and her siblings before the dog catchers got to them. Sky is one of the lucky ones. She will be found a new home in the UK through A Better Life Dog Rescue where she will be cared for and loved. The very sad fact is that many are not so lucky.

Another major problem in Romania is the Parvovirus. This is a particularly nasty virus and is a killer if not treated quickly. Parvovirus has a mortality rate of around 90% in puppies not vaccinated against the disease. It causes gastrointestinal tract damage and dehydration as well as a cardiac syndrome in very young pups. We provide the money to vaccinate these pups and any other street dogs we can capture and administer the vaccine to. This all costs money we are afraid and that is why we rely heavily on the good will and kind hearts of all human beings.

No matter how small or large an amount you can afford, all donations are very welcome and all monies goes towards veterinary treatment, food and shelter for these poor defenceless souls in Romania. If you can spare even a pound to help these poor dogs then please complete the donation form below. We thank you so much for your generosity and assure you we will continue to work as hard as we can to help as many of these lost souls as we can.

Donate By BT Donate

BT Donate offer Charities a free platform for receiving donations from donors. The especially good thing about BT Donate is that it is authorised by A Better Life Dog Rescue to recover Gift Aid on our behalf.

At no extra cost to you BT Donate will claim Gift Aid on your donation as long as you are a UK Tax Payer. Tax that you have previously paid on your wages can be reclaimed on your donation from HMRC. All you will need to do is complete a small form when you donate and BT Donate will do the rest for you. Gift Aid is a valuable addition to any charity. On a donation of £100 BT Donate are able to claim back a further £25 from HMRC. These additional funds can help fund kennels, injured dog treatments, vaccinations and spay campaigns.

Go on! It won’t cost you a penny more. Click on the link below to donate using a credit or debit card on BT Donate.