Kira is a wonderful girl. Sadly, though, she has a deformed leg – the left front one. She was brought that way to her carer almost a year ago after being found in a truck park. The vet said the deformity is from an old fracture that healed crookedly. The leg doesn’t  bother Kira –  it has muscles like the other legs, it’s not atrophied. Amputation is not recommended as she still relies on it when she runs or sits. Also, it doesn’t stop Kira from being the life of the party; she is very active, runs with no problems, walks on the lead, is very playful and very energetic. She is very very friendly, loves people, always welcoming any visitors and turning belly up for rubs.

If you are interested in adoption, please fill in an application form:

Height 48 cm
Neck 40 cm
Chest 72 cm
Lenght 50 cm

Additional information

Date of Birth


Shoulder Height


Size of dog

Medium to large





Dog location

Arad – G

Dog friendly


Cat friendly

No, Too playful for cats


All potential adopters will have to undergo a screening and home check process. This can take between 1-10 days dependant on available volunteers to perform your home check. All volunteers for ABLDR are unpaid and do this in their spare time whilst also holding down regular daytime jobs. Please be patient whilst we complete these checks. They are set to protect not only the dog but also you, the adopter, from adopting the wrong dog for your family. If you wish to adopt one of our lovely dogs, please fill in an Adoption Application form and one of our adoption team will be in contact with you. We aim to contact all new adoption applications within 48 hours. (Initial contact may be made by email, so please check your email junk folder)