Shelter Build

ABLDR are building a new shelter in Ineu, Western Romania. The shelter is on an existing ground of approximately 400,000 square feet and contains 4 buildings each 85 x 16 metres in size. This shelter will be by far the largest project anywhere in Romania with the most modern facilities for the dogs.

Building 1 will house the veterinary clinic and quarantine for the dogs that are suffering from disease. The inside runs will be made of tiled floors with glass partitions to aid in the effective control of the disease. Due to the exact nature of quarantine there will be no outside runs for any animals. The veterinary clinic will be high tech with MRi scanner and Xray machines as well as blood testing facilities and operating rooms. The clinic will also offer free sterilisation for all residents of Ineu and surrounding areas as well as free microchipping, rabies vaccine and registration in RECS for local residents.

Building 2 will be for new arrivals. These are for animals that could be incubating diseases. There will be a waiting period of 10 days (incubation period of most diseases) to ensure they are not suffering from Parvo, Distemper etc and then they will receive their first vaccine. There will be a totally separate area for puppies with much higher disease control as these animals immune systems are not fully developed and therefore more susceptible to catching viruses. Once the animal has had it’s full course of vaccines it will be moved to Building 3 or 4.

Buildings 3 and 4 will be for general population dogs who have cleared their quarantine or isolation period. Both these building will have inside heated/cooled enclosures and outside enclosures.