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Who We Are:

Founded in 2012 by animal lovers, A Better Life Dog Rescue has now re-homed over 3000 dogs to loving homes in the UK from Romania.

Our mission is to continue to help the street dogs of Romania who suffer from persecution, sickness and neglect.

Here is the ABLDR Team:



Jason - Dog Rescue Founder
Founder and Chairman 

This is Jason, one of the three co-founders for A Better Life Dog Rescue. Jason is responsible for the day to day running of the website as well as organising transport of the dogs coming in from Romania. Jason currently lives in Romania where he is coordinating the building of our deluxe dog shelter which, once completed, will have the capacity for 1500 rescue dogs. Jason has been a volunteer at various rescues around the country mainly dealing with German Shepherds and along with Nicky has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to re-homing dogs. In his personal life Jason, for his sins, is an avid West Ham fan and goes to see them whenever he can which is not as often as he would like due to his busy work commitments and the time he gives up to spend helping all the dogs in need.

Lesley - Dog Rescue Admin
Administrative Manager

This is Lesley,  who is a retired teacher and administrator. Lesley and her team are responsible for completing all the admin work within ABLDR.

When she was born, her parents had a dog and she hasn’t been without a dog (or dogs) since. Lesley has a married son who has a rescued golden retriever and a daughter who has a lurcher taken away from an abusive home. Lesley and her husband ( who fortunately is as crazy about dogs as she is) have three dogs: a farm border collie, and two ABLDR rescues Lucky, a terrier chihuahua cross and Rosie, a Pekingese chihuahua cross. Whenever possible, they love taking all the dogs on holiday to France.

Adoption Coordinator Manager

Liz  is a retired mental health nurse, currently working part time at a care home for people with long term mental health difficulties.  Liz has always had dogs, most have been rescues. She lives with her husband Tony, also an animal lover. Although Liz  lives in the town she is lucky to have a big garden with heaths and woodland nearby.  Over the past three years she has adopted three ABLDR dogs and fostered 8. Many of them have been long stay dogs and her fostering role has been to help them adapt to home life. The motivation to do this came from Liz visiting the shelter in Romania. Liz also volunteer for guide dogs as as sight guide and she also loves to spend time with her grandchildren.

Fundraising Manager

Annamaria has called London home for the past 13 years. She works in the Maritime Industry and is an integral part of ABLDR as she runs our fundraising department.  Being Romanian she knows first hand how dire the situation is in the country with the strays and treatment of dogs, therefore ABLDR is very close to her heart.

Archie (pictured) is Anna’s first dog.  She had been waiting a long time for her perfect dog – he is, of course, an ABLDR dog.  Anna is married and her hobbies include traveling, hiking, going to gigs/festivals and reading a good detective book. Anna says – “There’s nothing that this team can’t handle!”

ABLDR Behaviourist

Beverly has been working with dogs for over 30 years, as a dog trainer and behaviourist,
She studied with IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers)and qualified as a canine
hydrotherapist and canine nutrionist
She has been involved with dog rescue for around 9 years when she fostered a dog from ABLDR and quickly adopted him. She then went on to fail as a fosterer for a second time.

Now living in Cornwall and enjoying the beach lifestyle, Beverly still continues to assist owners with their doggy problems and help dogs live their best life.

IMG-20210925-WA0017 copy
Administration Assistant

Jo is a retired history and special needs teacher.

She has been a Brown Owl for over 20 years in various Bedfordshire packs.

Jo has two adult children and has had dogs and cats since her childhood…always rescues!

When looking for new dog came Jo found ABLDR  and fell in love with her beautiful special needs ABLDR dog Lulu, who is blind and recently she and her partner adopted an older ABLDR dog, the gorgeous Bear!

Jo was so impressed with the work of ABLDR that she become a volunteer and is now an integral part of the administration team.

Jo’s hobbies include walking Lulu and Bear along the beautiful embankment and around the various parks and the marina in Bedford where she lives.

She also loves crafting and knitting and is currently knitting blankets to go over to the shelter.

Administration Assistant

Diane lives with her husband and her 3 year old rescue boy Marley, adopted from ABLDR. He is quite beautiful and hugely adored by his adopted family.

Diane helps Lesley and JoAnne with the administration of the Rescue, which is a busy and important role. Diane is a valued member of the Admin Team!

Diane lives in Clacton on Sea in Essex.

Adoption Coordinator & Re-homing

Joanne lives in Leicester with her husband Simon and her adopted rescue dogs. Her children are all grown up and have left home so Joanne now spends her spare time  baking and rehoming ABLDR dogs. 

Joanne loves to walk her dogs out in the mud when she can.

Jo rebuilds motorhomes and loves to travel around England and Scotland exploring.

Adoption Coordinator

Nic is one of our adoption coordinators. She and her partner live in Newcastle Upon Tyne along with their 2 dogs, Daisy and Dusty, who is a ABLDR rescue dog.  Nic works but dedicates her spare time to all things related to her real passion, dogs! She has recently completed a diploma in dog psychology and a canine First Aid course.

Nic’s perfect relaxation time is spent hiking in the Lake District with her girls and then sipping on a real ale in a nice country pub.

275285692_5081297298600465_8415103993479416810_n (1)
Adoption Coordinator

Nicci lives with her  husband and two grown up children in Surrey. She gave up working full time, many years ago, to look after her family. Now Nicci’s children are grown up, she has joined ABLDR as an Adoption Coordinator. Nicci has had many rescue dogs, from German shepherds to retired Greyhounds. She seems to take on dogs that come from a challenging background and need the extra attention.  However, she is super experienced and always up for a challenge!

Nicci now has a lovely old lady called Nellie, from a Greek Rescue and a fluffy little Ralf who is from ABLDR.
Image 03-03-2022 at 15.56
Assistant Behaviourist

Angie is married with three grown up children and a pack of six dogs, including three Romanian rescues. She rescued Cisco, a large shepherd mix, in 2018 from ABLDR and I think it’s safe to say that adopting him absolutely changed her life (for the better!), this then lead her on to rescuing a further two Romanian public shelter dogs, Jessie and Mindy.

Angie has a diploma in dog behaviour as well as an MSc in mental health practice; both come in extremely useful for my job – She works in a Pastoral Care Team in a mental health hospital. Her role is to lead a therapy dog service so she works alongside volunteers and their wonderful dogs on a daily basis. Three of Angie’s  dogs, including Cisco are part of the therapy dog team.

Angie works with Beverly but will coordinate the Help, Advice and Information Facebook page.

All staff at A Better Life Dog Rescue are volunteers who give up their spare time to help rescue and re-home dogs from Romania into the UK.

No one is paid a salary, there are no company pensions, nothing! We regard these animals needs as far more important than our own and therefore dedicate our time, effort and in some cases our own money to help these poor souls.

This is why donations and fund raising are so very important.

If you can spare even a pound to help one of these poor defenceless dogs get the medical treatment and help they so desperately need then please click on the following button to donate towards their welfare.