When collecting your dog you must adhere to social distance measures and not to crowd around the transport vehicle in numbers. We request that you remain in your vehicle until you are called to come to collect your dog from the transport staff. One person only from the family to come to the vehicle at any one time.

The Adoption Process.

This page will explain the whole adoption process from start to finish. Please read carefully before applying to adopt.

All of our adoptions begin by you completing an adoption application.

At the beginning of the application there is detailed information about adopting one of our dogs. It explains the dog’s needs and our expectations of the adopter. Please read this fully and carefully, then tick the box to confirm that you have read and understood the information, advice and requirements. Then fill in the application form.

If the box is not ticked, your application will not be processed.

Once filled in this form is automatically sent to one of our Adoption Coordinators, who will look at it and then contact you for a more in-depth chat –  If your application has been declined – you will be notified.

Providing you and the Coordinator are happy to proceed, we will submit your details for a home check. Whilst that is being arranged, our Coordinators will gather all the information they can about your chosen dog.

The homechecker will contact you and agree a convenient time and date for your check.  Although this will be via Zoom, What’s app or Iphone…it will still involve, amongst other things, inspecting the property’s boundaries to ensure they are secure, checking there are no hazards which could injure the dog and talking to you about dog adoption. Once the homechecker has finished, the homecheck is sent to your Coordinator. They will then contact you to have a further chat and hopefully finalise the adoption.

Your Vet may be contacted for a reference.

The final decision on your suitability to adopt a dog is solely at our the Coordinator’s discretion.

Whilst you may have your heart set on a specific dog, it may not be suitable for your home environment or situation, so therefore the Coordinator will discuss alternative dogs with you if necessary.

Once the right dog for you has been selected and when we know the date the dog can be transported safely and legally, we book him or her on the transport that has been discussed and is convenient with you.

All our dogs from Romania come with a registered microchip, rabies vaccine and at least 2 courses of normal vaccines.

They are wormed, de-flead and will have a Pet Passport and Health Record. If the dog is old enough it will also be neutered prior to transport.

All transports leave Romania on a Wednesday and arrive in the UK early Friday morning.

You are able to collect your dog on the morning of arrival at our many pick up points around the UK. Please make sure you have a slip lead, as we will not allow a dog to be offloaded from the van without a slip lead to secure it.

Once the dog is in your home it is then your responsibility to ensure that dog is safe and secure at all times.

Please read all the information that our Adoption Coordinators provide during the process – this is to help you, help the adoption run smoothly and help your new dog settle into it’s new life..