All our dogs are in Romania and are only brought to the UK once adopted….unless they are being re-homed.


Many times we get asked “Why are you helping dogs in another country whilst there are many dogs in rescue here that need homes. Well, the answer to that is quite simple really…..because their need is far greater!

These animals are in grave danger of being killed by not only passing motorists who seem to think it’s the national sport to aim for and run over the many dogs that roam the streets but also from dog catchers who are notoriously brutal in their handling of any dogs they catch. The local pounds are full of captured dogs, each fighting to survive for themselves, each starving to death, each being denied the basics like water and food, beaten, flogged, you name it, it happens to these poor souls.

Well we at A Better Life Dog Rescue feel that these dogs deserve as much chance as any dog to live a normal happy life. No dog should have to suffer the terrible fates that these dogs are likely to and this is why we work tirelessly with many individuals in Romania in an attempt to offer reprieve to as many of them as we can.

Below are a few questions we have been asked and the answers we have given. This may help when selecting the dog you may wish to adopt. 

How do I apply to adopt a Romanian dog?

Simple. You fill out an adoption application and one of our Adoption Co-ordinators will review your application and will contact you.

Will I have to go through being home checked?

Yes. We home check every potential adopter to make sure that we are placing our dogs in the right homes. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Do you re-home to people living in flats??

Every application is taken on it’s own merits. For some the answer would be no, however this is not always the case.

Your Adoption Coordinator will help you once she has received your adoption application.

Do you re-home to families with children?
We only re-home to families with children over 8 years of age.
What is your adoption donation?

The adoption donation from 1st April 2021 is:

£425 – small/medium dogs (£200 non-refundable)
Second ABLDR dog – £385 (£200 non-refundable)
Large dogs – £450 (£200 non-refundable)

(Re-homing dogs already in the UK £230)


I can't pay the adoption donation in one go. Is there a way to pay monthly?

Yes. We offer a monthly installment plan –  please talk to your Adoption Coordinator

How do we pay the adoption donation?

All our adoption donations are paid using either a credit or debit card on  Worldpay or Paypal.

We also have an instalment plan – please ask your Adoption Coordinator

Can i reserve a particular dog?

Your choice of dog may be held for you until you have had your homecheck at the discretion of the Adoption Coordinator.

If you have passed your homecheck a reservation letter will be sent to you and transport to the UK will be arranged by ABLDR.

All dogs have to have a rabies injection (puppies at 12 weeks old) and then have to wait a further 21 days before they can travel. Therefore the youngest a dog can be to travel to the UK is 15 weeks.

What breed are the dogs?

All of our dogs are Cross Breed dogs of one form or another. Sometimes we do get some specific breed dogs however we always advertise them as Cross Breed due to the fact that we do not know their parentage.

How big will my puppy grow?

This is a difficult one to answer unless we have seen both parents with the puppy, which is very very rare. In most cases we make an estimate on the possible size, but please bear in mind, a puppy can have a spout of growth around 8 months old that can surprise even the most educated dog specialist.