GoGo was found on the side of the road between two villages, hiding in some bushes. He was lucky that he was moving when the rescuers passed by, because his colours and marking were so similar to the foliage where he was hiding, that they could have driven by without spotting him. He was severely malnurished, skin and bones, but very friendly. He ate a bowl of food on the spot and after that he was happy to jump in their car. The poor boy was so hungry when he first arrived that he gobbled his food madly but now he has calmed down, he eats more steadily. GoGo is a very friendly boy, energetic, very agile and happy to get attention. He loves all the rescuers dogs but is scared of larger male dogs. No cats for GoGo though, he barks at them when they move. He would be happier homed as an only dog or with females.

If you are interested in adoption, please fill in an application form: www.abldr.org.uk/app/adoption/

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Medium to large

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Arad – G

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All potential adopters will have to undergo a screening and home check process. This can take between 1-10 days dependant on available volunteers to perform your home check. All volunteers for ABLDR are unpaid and do this in their spare time whilst also holding down regular daytime jobs. Please be patient whilst we complete these checks. They are set to protect not only the dog but also you, the adopter, from adopting the wrong dog for your family. If you wish to adopt one of our lovely dogs, please fill in an Adoption Application form and one of our adoption team will be in contact with you. We aim to contact all new adoption applications within 48 hours. (Initial contact may be made by email, so please check your email junk folder)